Dirtiest Places: Think dirty, talk dirty, act dirty

Note: This post applies for the Philippines only. If it applies to your place well, this particularly means this may be a universal post. Haha! And I don’t mean to hit anyone by this! I come clean! ;

I was waiting for a job interview while someone told me I was in one of the dirtiest places on Earth — I’m in Cebu, Philippines! Guess were was I (pick one below) when I heard that statement!


Hospitals — One of the dirties place on Earth where diseases air-borne or not, blood transfusion needles, allergies and super duper unidentifiable body wastes any human could ever imagine!. It is so ironic to say that it is one the dirtiest places where in fact it is a place where we sort out a great deal of relief for our illnessess either physically or psychologically. And most Filipinos would associate ‘safetiness’ by mentioning just the name of the institution.

Comfort rooms — This would be the one that I should not elaborate about! haha

Brothels — And why are brothels dirty? Well, all your wasted semens are probably on the bed sheets, on the night stand or even at the door knob! Haha.. Not to mention wasted condoms, used condoms, recycled condoms or if not your dirty hands! ;p Bow!

Government offices — Laughing out loud! The place, the transactions and the people! I just don’t like how the game goes in this place. Honestly, this does not literally count as a dirty place but I think this is the most dirty– of all time! No matter how hard you try, if you work in a government office whether you claim your hands are clean or not,you still go out in a dirty place after your office hours. The under the tables, fixers and most especially the utang the loob and compadre system boost things up! Haha, won’t you agree??


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