Intro (Summer 2013)

Hello little frolic-ers!


summer stereotype

I am very excited to share my travel – my cold summer vacation. Usually in the Philippines summer is around 35-380C max; people go to the beach and cool down. But I got a chance to travel to Japan again, this time — on their spring season. The first time I was there was winter, it was December. I celebrated Christmas of 2009 and New Year of 2010 there. That travel was also my first ever blog entry entitled ‘Primero’.

So first and foremost, before my travel there were things that kept me preoccupied and I thought it wouldn’t happen. My comprehensive exam for graduate school which did not happen because I decided to take it next semester. I have been busy with so many workloads plus my brother’s upcoming operation. But God was so good that he planned everything into place – (1) my travel, (2) my brother’s operation and (3) comprehensive exam. So I’m just gonna talk about these things one at a time for #1 has happened and the other two are yet to come.

P.S my next entry will come soon.. just waiting for the pics for Japan 2.0.


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