Japan 2.0


As a young adult, you want to travel, have fun, go and eat to places you have never been. But of course in order to do that, you need money to spend on it. In my case, I got everything for free! Lucky me!

I think I am privileged enough to have this kind of blessing. I got to sleep and dine at places I can never afford! Haha..

This started out when I was in high school, I was fortunate enough to be chosen to have Japanese foster parents to sponsor my studies. They did not automatically choose me as their foster child, I had to be on top of class to get a scholarship, which technically gives allowances every month. Thanks to my very kind and generous guidance counselors in high school who endorsed me to the organization.

So since high school, every time they come here, we, including my fellow foster sisters (we are many, about 5 as foster children) go with them in a tour. We travel in hotels, resorts and other beautiful places in Cebu with which I can never travel if not for free! I belong to a mediocre family with self-employed parents. I cannot say we are poor because basing on basic needs, our family can provide. We can even eat more than three times a day. I also cannot say that we belong to the middle class because, there are also times when we can’t afford to buy stuffs we really needed—the down times.

Moving forward, in college they still give me allowances (only) every month through the organization—Plumeria.

My foster parents gave me the chance to travel to Japan. The first time was on 2009 (see Primero) for 18 days and now for a week this time on spring.

So here’s our short adventure with my foster sister Haidee.

Day 1: Arrival

Day 2 coming up! 🙂

P.S all events day one until seven took place from April 18 to 24.


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