End of July Rush (The Hale Manna state of mind)

Hello little frolic-ers!

Before we do the August Rush, I will write about my end of July rush – a weekend getaway with my office folks!

So the folks and I went on a three and a half drive to the municipality of Moalbal, Southwestern tip of Cebu. There are numerous resorts in Moalboal since it has been considered as a diving and marine sanctuary spot, we specifically went to Hale Manna since one of our doctor bosses are friends with the owner.

I am NEVER disappointed with  Moalboal, in fact, it’s my favorite place in the South and you can never be disappointed in HALE MANNA, by the name itself which means “house of good energy” in Hawaiian.

Well how can you be with this very much relaxing scene!

 Inside the bar!Inside the bar!

121_0016We stayed at the Kai bar!




121_0014this was gloomy but very relaxing..

I'm snorkeling really! heart-shaped sand at my back!I’m snorkeling really! heart-shaped sand at my back!



Now here's the bar at night.. Now here’s the bar at night..


with Maybeline Dela Cruz of GMA's AnnaKarenNina, her mom is one of our boss! :)with Maybeline Dela Cruz of GMA’s AnnaKarenNina, her mom is one of our boss! 🙂

ta da!ta da!

the gang! the gang!

the bosses with Hale Manna's owner Maam Becky Smith. :)the bosses with Hale Manna’s owner Maam Becky Smith. 🙂

I really enjoyed our short stay.  Kudos to Hale Manna staffs especially the divers who helped us with the snorkeling! Impressive diving skills and they were very good guides.

Come and visit Hale Manna!  More pics at their site, for reservations click here


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