My Sweet Fruit

After five years of juggling between work and school, I finally finished graduate school!

I could not believe it! I was like – How the hell did it happen?!! I also couldn’t believe I could make it to the graduation rites.

Of course, the fruits of my labor would not be possible without the help of these amazing people – my adviser Mr. Erwin Cudis who greatly helped me with my thesis, my boss Ms. Shirley Gabia who always encouraged and supported meΒ  with my studies.

I would also like to thank my foster parents Tohru and Noriko Tawada who financed my studies and my parents Manuel and Nadia who supported me in so many ways and prayed for me while I was struggling between school and work. To my closest friends thank you for the all out support – REUNITE, KFF , CHH-HR Dept. — THANKS TO YOU ALL! ❀

Cheers to my sweet fruit!

Master of Arts in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Graduate school bliss! MA I/O PSYC – March 28, 2015

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