Going Domestic in the Island of Bohol

I never thought I’d go domestic again, but it felt so good to have that girls scout camping vibe.

It really was girl-scouting again when my girlfriends and I went to our friend’s (Peter) place in Bohol. It’s an island called Getafe and we were specifically located in Nasingin, another secluded island, as I would describe it, in Getafe, Bohol (Nasingin, Getafe, Bohol).

What do you expect in an island?

Well, if you’re a total city girl, you can’t survive a day without easy transportation, gadgets, appliances and most of all electricity. You can’t find those in Nasingin. Fortunately, Peter’s house is a notch higher to all other houses in the island, not that I discriminate though. They got a very nice flat screen television which I don’t have, they’re the only house with generator in the island and a big room of tank for water to fill in. It feels provincial (or can I say island-ish) because electricity/ generator only goes on from 6pm until 9pm. So my girls and I got caught up with the situation, thank God I’ve got the most adaptive friends ever (Dili mi arte noh!). We’re all used to the city life but we can be domesticated too. 🙂 So proud of my girls that we’ve managed two days not complaining on anything, if there was though, it was the heat. Cheers to girls united!


we managed to make cake without an oven!









This sandbar is located in Pandao island in Bohol

We would like to thank Peter for being so hospitable and generous all throughout our stay. His father  was so nice to us as well.

Viva amistad! 😉 🙂 😉


3 thoughts on “Going Domestic in the Island of Bohol

  1. thelittlelai: Beyond limits says:

    Hello Jo, I came across your blog because I was searching for blogger who have already published a travel article about Pandao Island in Getafe Bohol. Good thing I was able to discover your blog, then I followed you in WordPress. I sustain a little concern though, me and my friends went to the Pandao Island last weekend, July 10, 2016. I’ll be blogging about my travel experiences at Pandao Island but I was not lucky enough to be able to watch the sand bar because it’s already high tide during our visit. If then okay with you, I’ll be using one of your photos and I’ll put a credit on it. Hoping for your positive feedback.

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