Happy New Year!

Today officially marks 2016! Happy January first! I had a very generous 2015, hope you did. So do you have any resolutions? I for one is not a fan of it. It’s fun doing everything at your own pace. If there is one thing I want to change its my eating habits. Although I usually eat healthy foods, there are times I cannot control my sweets. I have very imbalanced hormones, a fact that can evidently be seen during my monthly visits so there are times I crave and compulsively eat sweets.

This 2016, I will continue..

  1. to read books! A lot! I have surpassed my 2015 reading challenge on Goodreads which is 20, I have read 24 this year. For 2016, I planned on reading 25 books and hopefully read more. πŸ™‚
  2. to spend Sundays with my family. Sunday is always family day. ❀
  3. to achieving my friends’ squad goals which we started last year and so far we’ve been very consistent on it. #crossingfingers
  4. to watch my favorite movies and tv series! Hell ya! this is my specialty.
  5. to never fail to say “sorry” when needed and “thank you” when grateful.

That’s my top five, I was thinking on just four but how can you forget #5?

What are your New year’s consistent list?

Happy New Year!


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