Reunite Blast of 2012 (Year-end Party highlights!)

Hey there fellas!

Since my blog is about merry-making and revelry thus having the title ‘hudyaka’, I will write about my favorite hudyaka of late last year especially with my favorite fellas — REUNITE team, highschool mates batch 2006. I would also like to write about our group anniversary but I lack pictures of it.

So here are some highlights during our year end party.

First we went to AA Barbeque in Salinas Drive,


then went to Hello Hans to watch a Korean Movie entitled “Don’t Click” –I guess we clicked! haha



image: Irvin, Chelcey, Rovelyn, Claire, me :), Ronnie, Joanne and Raymond


went to SongHits!


yours truly, Rovelyn, Ronnie, Joanne and Irvin πŸ™‚


(right to left) Joanne, Irvin and this is me gushing over Ramonito’s new phone! Hurts my eyes when it flashes.


then we went to Sinangag Express!


image below: standing- Shiela, Joanne, Ramonito, sitting-yours truly, Fatima, Irvin and far right Iants

There were also people who shared their time but were not in the picture – Brylle and Reylan were there too!

We keep the friendship alive! Long Live Reunite! (ANS batch 2006)

“Siamo tutti fratelli” ❀

Images taken on December 30, 2012