A Whole New World

It has been years since I have danced in front of many people. The kind of formal dancing where you’ve been watched in a stage by a crowd of expectants.  I remember it well I was in high school since my last formal dance. In college there were just play-ground demonstrations and physical education dance exams—which is the non-formal dance just for the grades thing.

So back in high school I was a part of dance group with which is very famous in the public sector who usually does cultural dances in government schools and programs. It has a very culturally unique name under the roof of also a famous school (well at least in the public sector). I don’t really know how I got to be part of it, all I know is that I gave up being a girl scout because being part of the group brings me an advantage in going to college.

Being a part of the group was not easy. I had to cope up with the culture of my fellow dancers which was very different with what I was brought up. It was during that time that the gay-lingo was flourishing. I learned that too, just to keep up. But back then I was not the person with the very strong personality like I have now (yes, experience is still the best teacher! ) During that time, I consider myself an underdog, for I am not a natural dancer. I had to learn everything. Usually when the group recruits dancers its not mostly because he or she is good in dancing but of how they think he or she would look like in the stage. Yes, it is the usual stereotyping in physical attractiveness. But it doesn’t mean they do favor you and give you all the nicest dances for you to perform. Dancing is still an art and the best dances would always be given to the best-est  dancers. Well for me, I usually get not some of the nicest but I already consider it a favorable one.

What I like being a part of the group is that I get to places and dance in crowds of famous people. And now after years since high school, I get to dance again. It’s a completion in the company I am affiliated with, which I joined in last January 2012. I usually dance by myself at home. This one is tough because aside from dancing with other people (officemates/company mates) my former dance troupe fellow was one of our choreographers. I hate to say this but his concepts are much alike with the steps we had back then. Although he was one of the people I had to cope up with but when it comes to dancing, he doesn’t get to choose his dances too. It was nice to catch up with Eda again after years.

The dance was pretty challenging because the theme was Disney and our group was given ‘Aladdin’ to portray. Another challenge is that a year ago 2011, the Admin group, the group I belong to was the champion.

I am so proud to say that we won the grand prize 200k php! haha 🙂

Because we believe in fairytales!!

So here’s a glimpse of ‘Magical Disney’ (December 15, 2012).


a view of the stage with LCD background


my folks backstage 🙂


special characters: Aladdin, Abu, Gennie and Jasmine


the management in their Disney costumes! 🙂


yours truly in my famous Arabian pose! ❤


the girls with Eda (my former dance mate)


table setting

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