This is the photo of my first glance of snow. I live in the Philippines which is a tropical country– with wet and dry seasons only so we never got to have a chance to experince snow here.Β 

Japan was the country I have travelled (for now). The morning after we arrived, I was surprised by the very bright white light in the room we stayed. I was wondering why it was so bright, as I stood up I felt like my eyes were as big as my face. I could not even say a word as I saw the very big pile of snow in front of the house we were staying. I felt ecstatic as I woke up my roommate to share the same emotion I was having. We were jumping in the bedroom and throwing pillows at each other. I was wondering if we could get out and touch the snow. It was December when I was there, I was thinking how it feels to make a snow man. Yes, we had the chance to get out but we need to shovel the pile of snow that was blocking the porch of the house we were staying. But then again, my roommate and I had the chance to play while shoveling


Β Marites (right) and I playfully shoveled the snow.