Going Domestic in the Island of Bohol

I never thought I’d go domestic again, but it felt so good to have that girls scout camping vibe.

It really was girl-scouting again when my girlfriends and I went to our friend’s (Peter) place in Bohol. It’s an island called Getafe and we were specifically located in Nasingin, another secluded island, as I would describe it, in Getafe, Bohol (Nasingin, Getafe, Bohol).

What do you expect in an island?

Well, if you’re a total city girl, you can’t survive a day without easy transportation, gadgets, appliances and most of all electricity. You can’t find those in Nasingin. Fortunately, Peter’s house is a notch higher to all other houses in the island, not that I discriminate though. They got a very nice flat screen television which I don’t have, they’re the only house with generator in the island and a big room of tank for water to fill in. It feels provincial (or can I say island-ish) because electricity/ generator only goes on from 6pm until 9pm. So my girls and I got caught up with the situation, thank God I’ve got the most adaptive friends ever (Dili mi arte noh!). We’re all used to the city life but we can be domesticated too. 🙂 So proud of my girls that we’ve managed two days not complaining on anything, if there was though, it was the heat. Cheers to girls united!


we managed to make cake without an oven!









This sandbar is located in Pandao island in Bohol

We would like to thank Peter for being so hospitable and generous all throughout our stay. His father  was so nice to us as well.

Viva amistad! 😉 🙂 😉


Bon Voyage Donnabelle!

Our dear friend Donnabelle is leaving for the U.K. She will be working as a nurse at Royal Surrey County Hospital. Everything was on short notice, even her decision papers for her flight. So as an acting leader among our group of friends I asked my friends if we could throw her a short notice but intimate ‘Bon Voyage’! PhotoGrid_1430136988247 This is actually my first time to organize an intimate farewell gathering. We ate dinner, then went to a karaoke place and gave Donna a present. We gave her a small scrapbook where we wrote our good luck messages — some encouraging and some not! 🙂 We also gave her a small gift. 11163639_10206218147643462_1913837447_o We gave her a souvenir tumbler from Starbucks – its the Cebu tumbler. She can use this in UK and it will always remind her where her heart is. And also because Cebu is paradise! We are happy for her! It is a good way for her career as a nurse and we will always be there for her.

To Donnabelle,

As you move into a new venture,

May luck and success be always with you!

Although we will have a great deal of time difference now, but hey, we can still meet halfway where your morning will be our twilight  and your noon will be our night. 🙂 We are just a Facebook away! BON VOYAGE!  SEE YOU SOON! 🙂 🙂 <3<3<3

Bon Voyage Donnabelle – April 25, 2015

*sorry for bad editing *image credits to Irvin and thanks to Rovelyn, Lloyd, Raymond, Peter, Iants, Ramonito and Michael!

Wrapping up 2013 and welcoming 2014 with a baamm via Instagram!

So does it rhyme? haha.. Well, I’m wrapping my 2013 through my instagram posts! 🙂


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-The waiting selfie for the flight to Japan at Ninoy International Airport, my 2nd travel to Japan, April 2013.

still USJ! #japan2.0

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#throwbackThursday #nootherpictothrowbackto haha USJ April 2013

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-Spring, April 2013, Universal Studios Japan

@jpypesseva 's operation was a success.. #thankful

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-When I came back to the country my brother was immediately operated due to his hernia. Thank God it was successful. Thanks to Dr. Jonathan Go and Maam Yvette for helping me with my brother’s papers for the operation.

Thursday reviews (2) w @joannajanna at Starbucks Ayala Terraces

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-by May my close friend Joanna Marie and I reviewed for our comprehensive exam for graduate school, Thursday nights with her were well spent review or not.. haha

I try my best to be the best friend I can be. #sentifridays

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-this girl has been my companion for almost every week of this year – Joanna Marie

-then my birthday! June 24th

This year's best emote was last August at Hale Manna.. haha

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-relaxing in the house of positive vibes at Hale Manna, Moalboal Cebu, last July

-since my operation of my impacted tooth last September, sorry got no photo of it, I got addicted to YA books and this one’s the 1st I’ve been addicted to. The Mortal Instruments series and I also watched the movie too

#movienight #cousins @hellohanscebu @jpypesseva

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-movie night with cousins

-another YA book I got crazy about! ha!

Recent books at my epub book shelve!

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-this was my epub book shelf for YA books.. lol

-and Yes, I got crazy with Vikings too! History channel is the best!!

Reposted! #BangonPilipinas #cebu #tacloban #visayas

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-and of course I prayed for my country and still am.. Typhoon Haiyan or Yolanda as we call it put us in history of damages.. 😦  We are still recovering.

@ramlim #latepost #kffmeeting

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-reunited with my co-scholars at KFF, December 2013

Happy Birthday Jesus! Happy Holidays everyone! 😉

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-Merry Christmas! ❤

-I’m ready for the journey!

Happy New Year! I hope it summed up all! I am so ready for 2014! Kick it up year of the horse!

And let me say it this time, “Be Brave” everyone! 🙂

Say Hi to Hello Hans!

Hey there movie addicts!

If you want a classy and little bit laid back, subtle and not so overrated movie house – Hello Hans is just right for you!

Launched in June of 2011, Hello Hans is Cebu’s premier  movie house.

With almost 4,000 movies to watch to in all original DVDs of different genres!!

Located at 2nd floor Skyrise 3 at Asiatown I.T Park just below the Penthouse, Hello Hans has wowed the people of Cebu because of its exclusive and accommodating ambiance for movie goers who want a cozy type of recreational entertainment.

See for yourself!


As you enter, you will instantly love its cliquey facade.. 😉


Due to its increasing demand,  Hello Hans opened its second

branch at Parkmall North Reclamation Area last March.


PhotoGrid_1373612428012 PhotoGrid_1373612571834

So visit HELLO HANS now!

I.T and Parkmall branch!


Regular Rate: 300 per movie good for 2 persons
Students Rate: 200 per movie good for 2 persons
Additional person rate: 50 per person

Mamba 24, The birthday blog

Last year 2012, I named my birthday album on facebook ‘Air Jordan 23’ because of the obvious reason that I just turned 23 and Michael Jordan a.k.a Air Jordan’s jersey number is 23. I am a big fan including the boys in my family from my father, uncles and down to my brother.

This year, I am a year older, a year wiser and hopefully better. So turning 24, I have decided to name my album ‘Mamba 24’ and so as this blog. I am a big fan of Kobe Bryant or better known for his screen name ‘Black Mamba’. Another thing is that his jersey number is 24, so I decided to continue the basketball sort of theme for my birthday albums.  I cut down the word ‘black’ because it’s a birthday theme and I really do think all birthdays must be on bright celebratory colors. I do love black as a color because it signifies intelligence and professionalism but this birthday just seems to be of pastel colors for me. Aside from this theme etymology, I’m a Lakers fan so as my closest friends and I really do want to go to LA. My American west coast dream is LA while the east counterpart is NY! Too fancy? Well you only get to dream for free, make the most of it! The sky is the limit!

So back to my birthday, I just turned 24 last 24th of June. On my plus one I contemplated on the things that I have achieved in my 24 years of existence. Actually, it wasn’t hard to think about. Here’s my milestone.

  • I graduated college
  • Got my first job which lasted for 2 months because I reasoned out graduate school
  • So yes, I went to graduate school! (I still am!)
  • Became a part-time barista at Starbucks while attending grad school
  • After a year of practicing the art of espresso, I quit and practiced my field in  human resources and worked as a Training Assistant
  • Now I’m currently doing my reviews for my upcoming comprehensive exam this August

And oh, I’ve traveled  twice in one country, Japan on 2009 and very recently this April 2013.

So far, these were my achievements — it goes on of course! God has so may plans for me, I know it!

Aside from all these achievements I have also learned to be more realistic. When you become older you get to see and view things differently. In my case I always do reality checks, some would say that I’m being negative but for me I’m just avoiding the possible ways of falling down. In life we don’t always have to take risks all the time. That is why we go to school to help hone our decision making skills and through experiences we get to use them. If we fail, we make sure we will learn from those mistakes. But we always have a choice, we just hope we made the right one.

I believe I also became more patient and understanding. I realized how big of an influence my mother is to me that I now get to understand the things she always tells me when I was a teenager. As a young adult, I hope I can make the most of the learnings I got from family, friends. Graduate school greatly helped me at work. I found out that theory is nothing without application and experience is always the best teacher. I always make sure I am being positive but I also don’t forget to be realistic.

The best birthday gift I have received is peace of mind and not all people realize that it is the only thing they need. I hope I could share it.

Here’s a little celebration of my birthday!

birthday cake!

birthday cake!

My office cake with my name wrongly misspelled! It's JOUANA guys!

My office cake with my name wrongly misspelled! It’s JOUANA guys!


My folks in a little celeb at my house! (2nd pic is blurry!) 🙂

Cheers! ❤

Jouana 🙂

A Postcard from Chile

Last March 15, I received a postcard from one of my best friends — Nelson. He is in Peru right now but the card came from Chile because during that time, he needed to renew his Philippine passport. Chile has a Philippine embassy and it is the nearest place from Peru.

Anyway, the postcard is the first I have received in years ever since these technological gadgets has boomed. I was so happy when I got it!

This postcard just fits the coming Lenten season! 🙂



Can you just imagine the joy you have when you receive things that are rarely given nowadays? I only receive letters when the sender asks me to pay — bills! haha..

Since email, texting and social networking, snail mails have been left in the backstage. Although technology has brought us the great convenience to communicate with our love ones but it is still different when you receive snail mails such as letters and postcards.

To me, it would mean more effort — and that would mean pouring your heart out, simple messages can do that!

I am thankful to Nelson who remembered me even we are so busy with our lives. He is on a mission and I with so many things that kept me occupied. A simple hi, hello and take care would always keep a friendship alive. 🙂 We have been friends since high school. We don’t talk most of the time but somehow you don’t need proximity to keep the fire burning, its the heart of sincerity and being true to one another.

Take care on your missions my friend! May God bless you always! 🙂

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.” -Anais Nin