The Starbucks Guide (at least for the Filipino consumers)

Note: This is not applicable for regular customers, coffee addicts and store patronizers. This is not also an advertisement of the company but merely an introductory education to fore coming patronizers. Ideas that perhaps might not shock a different breed of culture– by that I don’t mean to discriminate. 


The Starbucks guide for Pinoy consumers– It has been in the senses of all Filipinos to put coffee or ‘kape’ as our early breakfast tandem with bread or ‘pandesal’ –pamainit. But as the world evolves we have coffee shops to go on to. Regardless of what we want to do like studying, meet-ups and just the plain hanging around. We have these coffee shops to revitalize and freshen up our senses, clear our minds and most of all to feel at ease to a place as comfort aside from either your home, school or office– the third place. This is what Starbucks wants to accomplish aside from great coffees and teas– a third place for you. Here are some following guidelines to further entice your curiosity.


  1. They have coffees and teas– you can have it hot or iced, you can also have it warm– just enough to make you immediately drink your beverage without burning your lengua/tongue.
  2. For coffees they also have frappuccinos — a blended type of coffee.
  3. When you order, the baristas would ask you what size you would want to get, a short, tall, grande and venti (hot drinks) for the cold drinks they have tall, grande and venti only. Short-8 ounces, Tall-12 ounces, Grande-16 ounces, Venti 20 ounces –> Trenta 30 ounces is not available in the Philippines (as of now)
  4. Make sure to specify your orders to hot or iced. 
  5. You might be wondering why they would ask your name, its for your cup. Baristas will write your name in your cup. Now, you might be wondering why they would write a name on your cup? see # 6.
  6. This is to call out your name after your drink is done. To further not to confuse customers with the same drink because you might have the same customized drinks. YES, you can customize your drinks however you want it. 
  7. Another purpose for the name is that Starbucks don’t serve! You get your own drink after its done. 
  8. Lastly, do not loose your receipt. Present it when your name is called. It’s sort of an evidence whether you got your coffee or not or you’re having the right drinks, you might have the same name and a same drink with another customer. Your receipt will be your assurance. 

But if you want more information about their coffees, you can always ask the baristas– they would be very glad to help you. 

~don’t judge! nobody’s perfect! I’ve been super hyperactive tonight! ~jouana ❤