Remembering Bob

Today, we celebrate the day of one of mankind’s greatest people. He is known to be the ‘first third world superstar’ but he is betterly known as ‘the man who brought the reggae music into the world’ — Bob Marley.


Born Nesta Robert Marley on February 6, 1945 to Cedella Booker an Afro-Jamaican then 18 years old and Norval Sinclair Marley, a White English-Jamaican,Β  whose family came from Sussex, England.

I remember it well back in college, we were asked to make an informative speech for our Speech 61 subject. I never really had time to research so I just thought of something or someone that would be very interesting. Back then, my guy neighbors were always listening to reggae songs that I could here it from our house. So I chose reggae which directly links to Bob as a topic.

I never got interested with reggae until I read his biography. He was also a source of inspiration to people through his music. No wonder he was envied by politicians during his time that he was shot on stage while performing (see the One Love concert on youtube).

Talking about him for my speech meritted me as one of the best informative speech.

Here is the link for my very nerve-wrecking shaky speech–

It was an honor to give a talk about him even for just 2 minutes and a few seconds. Though I am not really good at speeches, I even forgot some lines that time plus the stage fright that caught me. I think that somehow Bob has lived in through me by his music.

‘My music will go on forever. Maybe it’s a fool say that, but when me know facts me can say facts. My music will go on forever.


So here’s to remebering Bob..

remembering bob

remembering bob