The Competitive Pre-Valentines Date

It is almost Valentine’s day and as a single woman, I have never celebrated the so called heart’s day alone. This year a few of my friends and I had a very different kind of Vday date. Since we are very competitive by nature, (haha, we do trivia nights too!) my friends and I went to an entertainment attraction called Exit Now.

Exit Now is like a maze or what they call an exit game wherein you find your way to an exit inside a room filled with mysteries, obstacles and puzzles. They say you don’t have to be smart to finish the game only your common sense. However, being smart, witty and teamwork will get you to the finish line on time.

There are five themes to choose from, and as our first time we chose “The Orphan”, for a spoiler, its scary! 🙂 Unfortunately, my team got different interpretations of the clues, we didn’t get to the exit on time. It was so frustrating that we failed but it was really fun. After we were done we were getting on the facts on why we failed it, which was the funniest part. Our frustration lasted until the next day! That’s how disappointing it is to loose for the competitive people! haha 🙂

So, if you wanna experience this kind of new entertainment visit their site at or their facebook page EXIT NOW.

Exit Now was ugh.. I cannot describe it! 😲😵😱😟

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Bon Voyage Donnabelle!

Our dear friend Donnabelle is leaving for the U.K. She will be working as a nurse at Royal Surrey County Hospital. Everything was on short notice, even her decision papers for her flight. So as an acting leader among our group of friends I asked my friends if we could throw her a short notice but intimate ‘Bon Voyage’! PhotoGrid_1430136988247 This is actually my first time to organize an intimate farewell gathering. We ate dinner, then went to a karaoke place and gave Donna a present. We gave her a small scrapbook where we wrote our good luck messages — some encouraging and some not! 🙂 We also gave her a small gift. 11163639_10206218147643462_1913837447_o We gave her a souvenir tumbler from Starbucks – its the Cebu tumbler. She can use this in UK and it will always remind her where her heart is. And also because Cebu is paradise! We are happy for her! It is a good way for her career as a nurse and we will always be there for her.

To Donnabelle,

As you move into a new venture,

May luck and success be always with you!

Although we will have a great deal of time difference now, but hey, we can still meet halfway where your morning will be our twilight  and your noon will be our night. 🙂 We are just a Facebook away! BON VOYAGE!  SEE YOU SOON! 🙂 🙂 <3<3<3

Bon Voyage Donnabelle – April 25, 2015

*sorry for bad editing *image credits to Irvin and thanks to Rovelyn, Lloyd, Raymond, Peter, Iants, Ramonito and Michael!

Love Day Saturday: Happy Valentines!

Happy  Valentines everyone!  ♥

It’s a very lovely day today and for those who are on the other side of the world, happy pre-valentines day!

I have always loved this celebration even though I am still single. Haha, see my other valentines post here? Look through my other same day posts for the last years and you’ll realize how long I have been single! Anyway, I am not the bitter type because I believe in the idea of love and its realities . I know it’s not plain and simple but I am hopeful and I believe that I am just an inch closer to finding the right one. So for this very day, I will leave a short story from my recent favorite book ‘Lullabies’ by Lang Leav because if its your time to find true love, its truly your time. And you know what they usually say about waiting, that very abused saying, that cliche —  ‘Patience is always a virtue’.

Well, I believe it has been my greatest strength! Like I have been waiting all life! Sounds like Rihanna’s song right?  So here it is…


Patience and Love agreed to meet at a set time and place; beneath the twenty-third tree in the olive orchard. Patience arrived promptly and waited. She checked her watch every so often but still, there was no sign of Love.

Was it the twenty-third tree or the fifty-sixth? She wondered and decided to check, just in case. As she made her way over to the fifty-sixth tree, Love arrived at twenty-three, where Patience was noticeably absent.

Love waited and waited before deciding he must have the wrong tree and perhaps it was another where they were supposed to meet.

Meanwhile, Patience had arrived at the fifty-sixth tree, where Love was still nowhere to be seen.

Both begin to drift aimlessly around the olive orchard, almost meeting but never do.

Finally, Patience, who was feeling lost and resigned, found herself beneath the same tree where she began. She stood there for barely a minute when there was a tap on her shoulder.

It was Love.


“Where are you?” She asked. “I have been searching all my life.”
“Stop looking for me,” Love replied, “and I will find you.”

Again, Happy Heart’s Day! ♥♥♥


Visit Lang Leav’s site here for more of her

2015: Thinking Out Loud

Hi everyone! This is my first post for the year 2015. I’m still not too late am I? 🙂

Welcome to the year of the Sheep! 2014 was one hell of a year, I have been on a whirlwind of circumstances both positive and negative. Well I guess this is what they mean by “when it rains, it pours” – both ways! haha.. Before the year 2014 ended there was this very extravagant wedding that inspired me so much (DM wedding). They played Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud on their first dance.  I really love Ed and his beautiful beautiful songs, Thinking Out Loud is just very appropriate in expressing your unconditional feelings to your beloved.

So I’m posting this Ed Sheeran song that up to this very moment I still feel the same emotions I felt when I first heard it. And I also hope I could share this song to my future beloved.

I’m still waiting that you would come into my life. People fall in love in mysterious ways right?

Thinking Out Loud

When your legs don’t work like they used to before
And I can’t sweep you off of your feet
Will your mouth still remember the taste of my love
Will your eyes still smile from your cheeks

And darling I will be loving you ’til we’re 70
And baby my heart could still fall as hard at 23
And I’m thinking ’bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways
Maybe just the touch of a hand
Oh me I fall in love with you every single day
And I just wanna tell you I am

So honey now
Take me into your loving arms
Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars
Place your head on my beating heart
I’m thinking out loud
Maybe we found love right where we are

When my hair’s all but gone and my memory fades
And the crowds don’t remember my name
When my hands don’t play the strings the same way, mm
I know you will still love me the same

‘Cause honey your soul can never grow old, it’s evergreen
Baby your smile’s forever in my mind and memory

I’m thinking ’bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways
Maybe it’s all part of a plan
I’ll just keep on making the same mistakes
Hoping that you’ll understand

But baby now
Take me into your loving arms
Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars
Place your head on my beating heart
I’m thinking out loud
That maybe we found love right where we are, oh

(Ah la la, la la la, la la la, la la la la)

So baby now
Take me into your loving arms
Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars
Oh darling, place your head on my beating heart
I’m thinking out loud
That maybe we found love right where we are

Oh maybe we found love right where we are
And we found love right where we are

The Kiddie Party (Bday Blog)

Hey! I’m back!

I was just busy with things.

Preparing for my thesis proposal hearing was so stressful but luckily my panel let me pass and push through with conducting my thesis then hopefully for defense. Immediately after the proposal work preoccupied me so much since my officemate resigned and I got all her workloads. It was a good kind of busyness though because it got me engrossed at work that I cannot even think it’s already time to clock out! I’m so fully absorbed by the tasks I’m doing that I have no time to revise my thesis proposal. Even though I passed, I still need to revise it. I liked the feeling that I am so busy because even if tires you in a lot of ways, after a day’s work it can get you that sense of fulfillment like eight hours isn’t enough. I know its cliché but it’s really kicking in me.

So okay, so much for the updates! It’s JUNE! It’s my birth month and about to end sadly. Although it belonged to a rainy season, of course I would always love JUNE! I was born in it, molded by it! (haha.. Bane mode) My brother and my two cousins were born in June too. But honestly, we never wanted to celebrate it in one party. 🙂

Okay, so since it’s my 2-5! Oh my gosh, I’m already 25! Hello quarter life crisis, guess you’re really coming in! I’ve been ignoring you lately! Haha..

The 24th fell on a Tuesday so I opt to celebrate it on a Sunday (June 29th) since I don’t have work on Sunday and its family day. I really thought of what nice ways to celebrate my day, something that would make it very interesting even if it’s just a very small celebration. Then this idea came to have a sort of “kids party theme” was really great. My brother thinks it’s hilarious but he likes it. I asked him to help conceptualize and he was really helpful with it. Here’s it!




birthday tarpauline

my brother helped me conceptualized this, he’s ‘the hulk’ 🙂


bday crown

giveaways and cup cake tier

giveaways and cup cake tier

the gang, my lovies!

the gang, my lovies!


How I hope it would be like this forever but reality bites telling me to move on! I love my family and friends even if some weren’t there at the celebration, you are still with me by heart. <3<3<3

Cheers to another orbit of my life! 🙂

The Side Readings


I have been busy this summer! Yeah, its summer in the Philippines! yay! But I only went to the beach once this summer so far. Its with the fambam,an impromptu hanging out on Labor Day (May 1) since its a holiday and most of my family members/relatives are present because of the obvious reason that there’s no work on a holiday especially on  a Labor Day of course! 🙂

But this is better than last year, I haven’t been to the beach all summer because I went to Japan (spring time there but very cold!). haha.. My friends say its better than going to the beach but I really do think you have to spend summer accordingly.

Anyway, there’ still time to go to the beach that is if I still have time outside from work and preparing for my thesis proposal hearing! haha..

With all these busyness in my life I still manage to have some recreational readings just to loosen me up a bit. I have been reading so many things lately modules for training at work, articles for my thesis proposal and my recreational readings! haha

This is my favorite so far, among all my readings Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler (epub version, you can convert it to pdf file if you don’t have an epub reader). I am hooked with Daniel’s books, so I downloaded the good ones. I will share it in my Good Reads page soon enough so you guys can read it. He’s mostly known in his pen name as Lemony Snicket (Series of Unfortunate Events).

Why We Broke Up: Plot Summary

Min Green and Ed Slaterton, a high school junior and senior basketball jock, respectively, ended their relationship, which lasted from October 5 to November 12. The story takes the form of a letter, with Min writing to Ed explaining why they had broken up. The letter accompanies a box full of minor objects that narrates the progress of their relationship, and is returned to Ed at the end of the letter.

Aside from the story, I really love its book art. There’s still plenty of beautiful arts in the book which makes it more interesting to read.

Why We Broke Up book cover

Why We Broke Up book cover

What adds to the beauty of this book is its website wherein Handler collated break-up stories and it fascinates me – a lot! 🙂

Visit his site and maybe send a break-up story of your own, it doesn’t have to be long though.

Also visit


Ciao! ~jo 🙂


LOVE is only a word

As I came to the office yesterday, turned on my office computer and did some office works and yes, I do open social network sites too. (haha.. ssshhh..) I opened my twitter account and read Paulo Coelho’s tweet. Actually he already tweeted this last year but somehow he needs to retweet it again for others to be reminded of, like yours truly.. 🙂

The post was really worth sharing, so I tweeted a line from it and never realized that Paulo would have noticed it. He requoted my tweet and then floods of retweets and favorites came from his followers. I know they did it because of Paulo and not because of me but it’s nice to get noticed while free-riding from someone else’s fame. haha

Here’s my tweet,

His requote,

I just also found out yesterday that my co-worker is also getting married the next day which is basically today. We (my office mates) were asked to give a message for her as best wishes , so I gave her this. With a little art and a sensual photo (haha). We managed to make a card for her incorporating Paulo Coelho’s ‘Love is only a word’ post.

So here’s Paulo’s post that earned me many retweets and favorites.

Love is only a word

April 1, 2013 by

Life is too short for us to keep important words, for example, ‘I love you’, locked in our hearts.

But do not always expect to hear the same words back. We love because we need to love. Otherwise, love loses all meaning and the sun ceases to shine.

A rose dreams of enjoying the company of bees, but none appears. The sun asks:
‘Aren’t you tired of waiting?’
‘Yes,’ answers the rose, ‘but if I close my petals, I will wither and die.’

And yet, even when Love does not appear, we remain open to its presence. Sometimes, when loneliness seems about to crush everything, the only way to resist is to keep on loving.

Our one true choice is to plunge into the mystery of that uncontrollable force.
Then we discover, when we go home, that someone was there waiting for us, looking for the same thing we were looking for and experiencing the same anxieties and longings.

Because love is like the water that is transformed into a cloud: it’s lifted up into the heavens, where it can see everything from a distance, aware that, one day, it will have to return to earth.

Because love is like the cloud that is transformed into rain: it is drawn down to the earth, where it waters the fields.

Love is only a word, until we decide to let it possess us with all its force.
Love is only a word, until someone arrives to give it meaning.

Don’t give up. Remember, it’s always the last key on the keyring that opens the door.


If you want to read more of Paulo Coelho, visit his bloghere.