Compensatory November

Dear November,

You’ve been kicking me off like I’ve been punished from being a bad kid in school. I have been very nice as a matter of fact. Anyway, since the last week of October I have been very busy with work. Is that the priming stage November? Getting me ready for your whole 30 days?

All those back to back trainings, overtimes and all made me an insomniac. Even my subconscious gives me dreams about work! Imagine that?! Can I sleep in peace? Not the all-through-out peace though. But you know what November? Despite all those about-to-give-my-resignation-letter phase, you have given me the best compensatory Saturdays with my most favorite people to hang-out with. Covering up distress with eustress is not ideal but thank you for the most amazing Saturday nights turned into Sunday mornings. That crazy night crashing in a barrio feast was awesome. As an adult, it was my first time going into a local disco. Most locals call it ‘diskoral’. I have been to that when I was little according to myΒ  mom but I can no longer remember. πŸ™‚

Anyway, thank you November for great Saturday hang-outs. I would miss half of my life if it didn’t happen.


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Ohhh November..

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Happy birthday Mon!

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Because we love COIN and SNOW who both died in the end. #spoilers

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Looking forward to a great December!


Bon Voyage Donnabelle!

Our dear friend Donnabelle is leaving for the U.K. She will be working as a nurse at Royal Surrey County Hospital. Everything was on short notice, even her decision papers for her flight. So as an acting leader among our group of friends I asked my friends if we could throw her a short notice but intimate ‘Bon Voyage’! PhotoGrid_1430136988247 This is actually my first time to organize an intimate farewell gathering. We ate dinner, then went to a karaoke place and gave Donna a present. We gave her a small scrapbook where we wrote our good luck messages — some encouraging and some not! πŸ™‚ We also gave her a small gift. 11163639_10206218147643462_1913837447_o We gave her a souvenir tumbler from Starbucks – its the Cebu tumbler. She can use this in UK and it will always remind her where her heart is. And also because Cebu is paradise! We are happy for her! It is a good way for her career as a nurse and we will always be there for her.

To Donnabelle,

As you move into a new venture,

May luck and success be always with you!

Although we will have a great deal of time difference now, but hey, we can still meet halfway where your morning will be our twilightΒ  and your noon will be our night. πŸ™‚ We are just a Facebook away! BON VOYAGE!Β  SEE YOU SOON! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ <3<3<3

Bon Voyage Donnabelle – April 25, 2015

*sorry for bad editing *image credits to Irvin and thanks to Rovelyn, Lloyd, Raymond, Peter, Iants, Ramonito and Michael!

Reunite Blast of 2012 (Year-end Party highlights!)

Hey there fellas!

Since my blog is about merry-making and revelry thus having the title ‘hudyaka’, I will write about my favorite hudyaka of late last year especially with my favorite fellas — REUNITE team, highschool mates batch 2006. I would also like to write about our group anniversary but I lack pictures of it.

So here are some highlights during our year end party.

First we went to AA Barbeque in Salinas Drive,


then went to Hello Hans to watch a Korean Movie entitled “Don’t Click” –I guess we clicked! haha



image: Irvin, Chelcey, Rovelyn, Claire, me :), Ronnie, Joanne and Raymond


went to SongHits!


yours truly, Rovelyn, Ronnie, Joanne and Irvin πŸ™‚


(right to left) Joanne, Irvin and this is me gushing over Ramonito’s new phone! Hurts my eyes when it flashes.


then we went to Sinangag Express!


image below: standing- Shiela, Joanne, Ramonito, sitting-yours truly, Fatima, Irvin and far right Iants

There were also people who shared their time but were not in the picture – Brylle and Reylan were there too!

We keep the friendship alive! Long Live Reunite! (ANS batch 2006)

“Siamo tutti fratelli” ❀

Images taken on December 30, 2012