To Almost

I thought we had something. We could have been I thought we could have. Simple smiles for a greeting, slow whispers in the corner, and small laughs on the side. Few talks on the table, hands brushing while keeping up with time.

However, the spark did not became fire. I wish we could have been more. But know this Almost, what I felt was real. You might not feel the same way now but I am happy we came to the point that we shared something in common. That in the brief moment in our life together, you and I felt the same thing. I am certain that, in that slight nick of a time, we had it.

I wish you all the best, have a great life ahead. I knew you would.

Because almost will always be ALMOST.



The Competitive Pre-Valentines Date

It is almost Valentine’s day and as a single woman, I have never celebrated the so called heart’s day alone. This year a few of my friends and I had a very different kind of Vday date. Since we are very competitive by nature, (haha, we do trivia nights too!) my friends and I went to an entertainment attraction called Exit Now.

Exit Now is like a maze or what they call an exit game wherein you find your way to an exit inside a room filled with mysteries, obstacles and puzzles. They say you don’t have to be smart to finish the game only your common sense. However, being smart, witty and teamwork will get you to the finish line on time.

There are five themes to choose from, and as our first time we chose “The Orphan”, for a spoiler, its scary! πŸ™‚ Unfortunately, my team got different interpretations of the clues, we didn’t get to the exit on time. It was so frustrating that we failed but it was really fun. After we were done we were getting on the facts on why we failed it, which was the funniest part. Our frustration lasted until the next day! That’s how disappointing it is to loose for the competitive people! haha πŸ™‚

So, if you wanna experience this kind of new entertainment visit their site at or their facebook page EXIT NOW.


Happy Valentines!

Happy Valentines!

It is still Valentines on the other side of the world! Let us spread the LOVE and celebrate St. Valentine’s day!

So here’s…

A message to my future love:




Dear LOVE,

Whoever you are,

Wherever you are,

rest assured

I will always prepare myself

whenever you shall come.

With all my heart and soul,

I shall wait. <3<3<3


Forever yours,


P. S. Image takem from Korean movie “Spellbound”